Recommended Articles

  • Behold: The Tampon King.  This article is about a man who is working with women to change the attitudes around women and menstruation, as well as providing affordable options for period products in Asia.  It’s a great read!
  • How Green are Electric Cars?  It depends on where you live and the grid.  Find out what sort of power powers your grid before buying.
  • Confounding Fathers by Sean Wilentz, published in the October 18, 2010 edition of The New Yorker. This is a very interesting article outlining the 50’s era anti-communist roots of the rhetoric of many in the Tea Party movement. Although a fascinating piece, it does tend to paint Mormons in a less than favorable light. Erica’s brother Brian wrote a letter to the editor about it that was published a few weeks ago.
  • The Hot Spotters by Atul Gawande, published in the January 24, 2011 edition of The New Yorker. A fascinating article that follows the theory that an increasing number of hospitals are adopting–giving intensive out-patient care to those who cost the most to healthcare providers could bring healthcare costs down overall. Since, on average, 10% of patients incur 60% hospital costs, it is an idea that is catching on. Well worth the read.
  • Why I Hate 3D, by Roger Ebert. Ebert voices all my frustrations about this moviemaking fad.
  • Gains, and Drawbacks, for Female Professors, by Kate Zernike.  This article outlines the various complexities of things surrounding women in higher education.  And whoever bemoans MIT for doing they’re doing is an enemy to me. Keep standards high, and give women equal pay!
  • The Poverty Clinic. Paul Tough writes about the research supporting the notion that negative childhood experiences (abuse, neglect, stress) can affect adult health in surprising ways.
  • The birth of an Obama doctrine. After President Obama’s speech on the US’s involvement in Libya, The Economist published this article from Lexington’s Notebook titled.

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