Videos We Like

  • The Maddow/Stewart interview uncutThe Daily Show’s Jon
    Stewart sits down for a lengthy interview with msnbc’s Rachel Maddow. This is the full, uncut interview including some footage that was not included in the 11/11 TRMS.
  • A clip about Wisconsin Democratic state legislators who have recently left the state to prevent the state legislature from voting on the recent state budget proposal, which includes a measure to dismantle state workers’ right to organize. Probably the most interesting state political event in a long time.
  • Are you frustrated that all of your, America’s, and the world’s problems haven’t been solved since President Obama has been in office?  Then this video of College Humor doing a very Obama BBQ is for you.
  • Senator John McCain calling the Tea Party-ers in the Senate “Hobbits.”  A must see. Click here.

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