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Interested in Chairs? We are too.

The Hunt Library on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University (NCSU) is home to over 70 different unique and interesting chairs.  Every Wednesday, alongside our team lead Peter Baumgartner, we highlight a new chair and its designer on our tumblr Chairs of Hunt Library.






Check out the Chairs of Hunt Library Trailer from Peter Baumgartner on Vimeo.

Enjoy learning about each chair design with us each Wednesday!  Also, feel free to come to Raleigh to enjoy a personal tour of the library! (May I remind all you family and friends, we have an extra bedroom?)

Incidental Damage

In preparation for an on-campus short film competition, Jake envisioned and wrote the script for his submission in the comedy category.  Here is the description he submitted with the film as well as the video itself:

Nearly every blockbuster includes a large-scale battle for the soul of humanity in the middle of a highly populated area. While these scenes are entertaining, the colossal amount of collateral damage depicted in these films as computer-generated gunfire and explosions rain down on hapless passers-by has often bothered me.

The purpose of this comedic performative documentary is to explore what the implications would be if these scenes were filmed without the aid of CGI with unsuspecting, everyday people. In so doing, I hope others will view these depictions of sweeping destruction (that would, in any other context, be horrific) in a new light.

Erica played the role of Rosie Marcus, a stiff and unfeeling lawyer, and she had a particularly difficult time getting the lines right.  Here are the outtakes from that scene.

FrostyShorts & Exotic Feline Rescue Center (strikes back)

Hello, friends,

We’ve been slacking on the blog, and for that we apologize. Unless you didn’t notice. Then we don’t feel that bad.

All that aside, we have a few updates! First, we’d like to unveil Not to be Taken Literally (hereafter known as NTL) parts 4

and 5.

We also visited the Exotic Feline Rescue Center (again) yesterday with Peter and Katherine, who spent Thanksgiving with us. Here are a few videos from the trip. They include Erica running with a lioness, Erica running with a Zeus, the lion, Jake running with Thor, the lion, and a lioness eating a horse’s esophagus. (You may notice that all of these involve lions. That’s mostly because the tigers were too fat and lazy to take notice of their surroundings, despite the fact that I draped myself in raw meat before taking the tour.)

Here are even more pictures of ridiculously awesome cats for your enjoyment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two articles for your enjoyment

Since we’re in “apply for law school” mode and don’t have time to devout to our own words, we will use someone else’s.

1. Article on Romney and the political scene, “The Pretzel Logic of Religion and Politics” by Joanna Brooks.

2. Musings about Occupy Wallstreet entitled “Wall Street Isn’t Winning, It’s Cheating” by Matt Taibbi. (Warning- some language)


New Addition! FrostyShirts Shorts

We would like to announce a new feature we have recently added to the FrostyShirts Report: FrostyShirts Shorts. These are short videos made for your entertainment. We have added links, located on the right sidebar of our homepage, to these FrostyShirts Shorts. Currently they include the family favorite: “Jake and Erica Practice Spanish.” You can also access our ongoing series “Not to be Taken Literally.”

So far, our reviews include:
– “I didn’t know Erica was acting, her bad Spanish was very convincing.” – Frost family member
– “Hahahaha!”
– “Well that certainly wasn’t a waste of 90 seconds.”

We hope you enjoy them.

Bare Naked Acting

The New York Times Magazine recently posted this compilation of 14 actors we all know and love depicting classic screen types.  I think I like it so much because it is raw (and wriggling).  You are so aware of body language.  Jake thinks that after silent film, actors have lost some of their dependence on body language to portray their character.  I’m more inclined to think that we are less aware of details, like body language, because there is so much to look at in film these days.

The Battle of the Baton

Dear readers,

A while ago Jake wrote in to the John Hodgman headquarters to see if he would make a ruling on a dilemma of ours during his weekly podcast: Judge John Hodgman.  Our case was selected, we recorded a couple of weeks ago via Skype, and now it is available on the interwebs/pod-osphere and can be found HERE.

From the Judge John Hodgman website:

“When Jake listens to his favorite classical music, he finds himself conducting furiously and with abandon. His wife Erica, an accomplished concert musician, says his flamboyant conducting makes a mockery of her life’s work, and insists that he correct his style or stop entirely. Must Jake cease his carefree conducting style?”


White House Comedy Hour

President Obama had a field day with the birth certificate issue at the WHCA dinner. Take a look. It is actually really funny.  (Click on the picture)

Symmetry : yrtemmyS

We love Radiolab so much.  And here is another reason why:

Lil’ 5, Autotuned

The evening began with Jake and I sitting in our living room playing around with Autotune.  And this is what it turned into.  Enjoy.