From 5k to half marathon- how you can too!


  • Good running shoes from a legit running store. Try on a bunch.  Run on a treadmill for at least a mile on them.  They should help you run corrently (ball–>heel, not the other way around)
  • Friend/s to train with.  Waking up early on Saturday mornings to do a 10 mile run by yourself just begs for your snooze button to be hit multiple times.
  • Water
  • Ibprophen
  • running pants/shorts/capris that don’t make you chafe

Preparation time: 10-12 weeks.

Before the run- looking ready to go (but really scared inside)

The following is what I did to go from running a 5k to 13.1 miles without walking in 10 weeks.  There are lots of websites with advice and training programs, but I think this is a pretty simple way to go that worked for me.

The Process:

  • Run 2-3 miles 2x/week up until the week of the race
  • Schedule 1 day and time that you will run your long run every week. (Mine was Saturday mornings).
  • Each week add one more mile to that long run to build up stamina. Por ejemplo: week 1- 3 miles, Week 2- 4 miles, Week 3- 5 miles…. Week 10- 12 miles.  Week 11: race day.
  • To be safe, you can have 2 weeks of cushion in case something comes up a couple of the days you set aside that make it so that you can’t run or have time for the full run.

Things I learned the hard way:

  • If your race is on a road- run on the crown.  If you don’t, you will most likely be running on a slant –> uneven distribution of weight and later pain in the ankles.
  • Look at the map before hand. This seems obvious, right? Well not to me, and the starting and the finishing lines for the Geist Half Marathon up being 5 miles away from each other.  Jake ended up walking the distance to find me and missed me crossing the finish line by 20 minutes. #LongStoryIncludingBaffledPoliceMan.
  • Get there in time to go to the bathroom.  There were medium-length lines for the portapoties when I got to the race, so I ended up hearing the National Anthem from the bathroom, and had to sprint to the line just in time to hear the gun shot.

    This is your view when you get there late…

  • Don’t drink water at all of the stations, pick a few.  If you drink all the water offered, you will probably feel waterlogged, like me at mile 9.  If you don’t drink any, you will probably have leg cramps like my friend at mile 10.
  • Take Ibprophen before runs longer than 5 miles.  At first, I thought this was for sissies, or maybe that if I was in pain, I should know about it and drugs shouldn’t dull it.  Then I ran long runs and I quickly changed my opinion.  Your muscles/joints swell when you run for a long time and they just start hurting.  Ibprophen can counteract that a bit and make for much more pleasant runs.
  • Bring an iPod in case you don’t stick with your running mates and you need to stay entertained. Pretty self explanatory.

    The great women I ran with

    After the run #righteousbabestance. Final running time: 2:05:09.

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  1. You are so awesome!

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